First cervical discectomy at KwaDukuza Private Hospital

KwaDukuza Private Hospital (KPH) had their first cervical discectomy performed by neurosurgeon, Dr Kritish Timakia, orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Sailesh Ragoo, and anaesthetist, Dr Kantha Gareeb, on Friday, 2 October. “This type of surgery is required in the case of persistent symptoms: neck pain, pain radiating into the arms, numbness and weakness. This surgery is considered […]

First spinal surgery for KwaDukuza Private Hospital

We had our first spinal decompression with instrumentation surgery after welcoming specialist neurosurgeon, Dr Kritish Timakia, to the team on Thursday, 14 May 2020. Dr Timakia, together with his team of doctors, KPH specialist anaesthetist, Dr Rishant Gobind, and specialist orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Sailesh Ragoo, worked on the patient for 6 hours. “It was very […]