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KwaDukuza Private Hospital (KPH) had their first cervical discectomy performed by neurosurgeon, Dr Kritish Timakia, orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Sailesh Ragoo, and anaesthetist, Dr Kantha Gareeb, on Friday, 2 October. “This type of surgery is required in the case of persistent symptoms: neck pain, pain radiating into the arms, numbness and weakness. This surgery is considered when all efforts have been tried to find solutions to the problem and have not been successful, also, if the patient’s daily activities are affected due to these symptoms”, explained Dr Timakia. Dr Timakia said that in this case, the patient required cervical surgery to decompress the region affected. “Like any other surgery, risks such as bleeding and infection need to be considered. Patients would experience a sore throat that can be persistent,” shared Dr Timakia regarding the risks of this type of surgery. The procedure took approximately 3 hours to complete and was a success. “This procedure was definitely a success as I was experiencing unbearable pain, weakness and numbness on the left-side of my neck going down, and after the surgery, all of that has completely gone. I am now only experiencing pain which is from the surgery. I am very happy with the doctors who performed the surgery on me, as well as the nurses at KPH, especially in the ICU ward, where I was unable to do things by myself and they took good care of me and assisted me every step of the way,” shared the patient, Logeshnee Naidoo. “Performing this surgery at KPH was very enjoyable. The community should have access to a local facility to accommodate such cases and provide convenience for them and their families. Eventually I would like to expand to cranial work but also provide more services for pain intervention such as rhizotomies at KwaDukuza Private Hospital. These are relatively quick to perform and can aid patients for pain-related issues of the face and spine.  I work closely with my colleague, Dr Saliesh Ragoo, in our combined spinal unit and we both look forward to providing these services to the community of KwaDukuza. I am also available to provide some advice on cases for the local clinicians”, shared Dr Timakia. Dr Douglas Ross, the KPH Hospital Manager, indicated that KPH was very happy to have a neurosurgeon with Dr Timakia’s expertise expand his service offering at KPH. “Now that Dr Timakia is conducting more elective neurosurgical procedures at KPH, more local patients and more local doctors (both specialists and GPs) will be able to benefit from the enhanced neurosurgical services Dr Timakia brings to KPH”, shared Dr Ross.

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