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KwaDukuza Private Hospital staff observed World Patient Safety Day on 17 September. “Today, on the second World Patient Safety Day, KwaDukuza Private Hospital joins in this worldwide celebration, and supports this year’s theme that safe health workers are essential for safe patients. KPH is committed to improving the safety of its staff and its patients, and thereby the quality of the healthcare we deliver. The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the safety culture in healthcare facilities throughout the world, and KPH has not been spared this challenge. The COVID-19 crisis has however, also proved to be an opportunity to learn how best to ensure the safety of patients and health workers in the face of such an unprecedented situation. KPH whole heartedly endorses the call for action of the World Health Organization to speak up for health worker safety!”, shared KPH Hospital Manager, Dr Douglas Ross. World Patient Safety Day is celebrated annually on the 17th of September. This was endorsed by 194 World Health Organization (WHO) members at the 72nd World Health Assembly, in May 2019. The objectives of World Patient Safety Day are to increase public awareness and engagement, enhance global understanding, and spur global solidarity and action to promote patient safety. The COVID-19 pandemic has unveiled the huge challenges and risks health workers are facing globally including health care associated infections, violence, stigma, psychological and emotional disturbances, illness and even death. Furthermore, working in stressful environments makes health workers more prone to errors which can lead to patient harm.  This emphasizes the need for a safe working environment for health workers as a prerequisite for ensuring patient safety. Therefore, the World Patient Safety Day 2020 Theme is: Health Worker Safety: A Priority for Patient Safety.

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