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KwaDukuza Private Hospital (KPH) welcomed their new hospital manager, Dr Douglas Ross, to their team on 27 July 2020. The staff at KPH showed great enthusiasm in having a doctor on board who comes with a wealth of experience in the industry as their leader.

“I wish to deliver on this drive of mine to assist the entire team at KPH to take their game to the next level, with the aim of consistently delivering compassionate, patient-focused, quality care  for the benefit of our patients, our doctors, our shareholders and our staff. This is an ongoing journey of continuous quality improvement, and it is not just about clinical quality. To achieve this, all our business processes will have to be robust and of high quality”, shared Dr Ross when asked about what he wants to achieve at KPH.

“We would want the community to feel a sense of pride and almost one of “ownership” in having such a dynamic, effective and caring smaller acute private hospital located within its catchment area. Given our status as a newish hospital in the area, this goal is somewhat aspirational and is something which we are continually working towards,” he added.

“Both the genesis of KPH and the “bedrock”, as it were, of the acute hospital care we offer, lie with the dedicated, hard-working and skilled GPs who serve our surrounding communities. These local GPs are the first port of call for most of the patients, whom we see at KPH and often act as the gatekeepers of the private and public health care systems. KPH wishes to acknowledge and thank all the local GPs for their support of the hospital from the outset and to encourage them to make even greater use of our top-class facilities, our excellent staff and of the highly-skilled group of Specialist Doctors who service KPH. KPH is justifiably proud of the team of Specialists of various specialties who work at our facility. This is a dedicated group of caring, highly qualified and experienced specialists, who are available to offer top-notch medical care to the communities we serve in their time of need.”

“We hope to achieve a relationship of trust, mutual respect and understanding with clear and open lines of communication running both ways, from patient to hospital and from hospital to patient. I want to build a positive and collegial relationship with existing and new medical colleagues and expand on the specialist services which we offer at KwaDukuza Private Hospital”, said Dr Ross.

Dr Ross thanked the staff for their support: “Thank you for your warm welcome and for making me feel at home and congratulations to all of you for all that you have achieved so far at KPH”.

Dr Ross is highly experienced in healthcare management, having worked for 25 years in Chief Executive and Hospital Manager roles in both the South African non-profit and for-profit health sectors. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and remains a registered medical practitioner who maintained patient contact for 19 years of his executive career as a part-time general practitioner and clinical researcher. Dr Ross has led a non-profit mission hospital which functioned as a public-sector district hospital, acute private hospitals, and a sub-acute and rehabilitation hospital. Dr Ross also has extensive governance experience in the SA non-profit health sector, having been the director of St Mary’s Hospital Nursing College, and holding various positions on the board of CATHCA, a national non-profit membership organisation.

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