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We had our first spinal decompression with instrumentation surgery after welcoming specialist neurosurgeon, Dr Kritish Timakia, to the team on Thursday, 14 May 2020.

Dr Timakia, together with his team of doctors, KPH specialist anaesthetist, Dr Rishant Gobind, and specialist orthopaedic surgeon, Dr Sailesh Ragoo, worked on the patient for 6 hours.

“It was very exciting to do this case and to be accommodated at the hospital”, shared Dr Timakia.

“Spinal intervention has different opinions as to when and why to undertake. In general, it is best considered when the symptoms have persisted despite all available non-operative efforts, with an adverse effect on the daily function of the person.  Back pain is common, but some procedures such as facet injections, epidurals and rhizotomies can help patients with their pain. In this case, it was the pain radiating down the legs, with the affected the strength and balance in the leg that had worsened. This was a previously fully independent person who was now dependent on painkillers and a walking aid to complete daily activities at home,” explained Dr Timakia. 

“The surgery proceeded uneventfully, and the theatre staff were hospitable, eager to be involved in the case and very interested.  This experience continued in the post-operative care during which time, the ICU team, physiotherapist and anaesthetist was eager to help and contribute to the patient’s care.”

The patient, Amanda Maria Lotter (66), who resides in Richard’s Bay, was very thankful to her doctors and the KPH nursing team for their efforts and making her feel comfortable.

 “Working at KPH was an enjoyable experience and I look forward to welcoming spinal and cranial surgery to the facility. The team is capable, motivated towards their own progress, the health of the patient and eager to expand”, said Dr Timakia.

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