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KwaDukuza Private Hospital created awareness for World Hand Hygiene Day by hosting hand washing campaigns and a hygiene awareness poster competition on Friday, 3 May. The event, which was commemorated internationally this year on Sunday, 5 May, is aimed at achieving universal health coverage (UHC). Infection prevention and control, including hand hygiene, is critical to achieve UHC in all hospitals, as it is a practical and evidence-based approach with demonstrated impact on quality of care and patient safety across all levels of the health system. Representatives from health companies, Essity and Safarmex demonstrated hygienic hand washing techniques to all the staff and visitors on the day. KPH nursing staff and ward secretaries got together this week to create posters promoting hand hygiene awareness and competed against one another for the winning prize, which was a lunch treat. The competition was judged by hospital management and the winners were the staff from the Paediatric ward. KPH nursing manager, Sandika Dharmraj said; “We would like to thank Adaline Udith from Essity and Tina Rajah from Safarmex for creating awareness by demonstrating hand hygiene procedures on the day. We would also like to thank KPH staff for their participation in the poster competition. The event was a learning experience for all the participants, and also lots of fun!”.

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