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KwaDukuza Private Hospital (KPH) showed their support for autism during April, which is autism awareness month, by visiting the autistic unit at the Stanger Training Centre on Thursday, 25 April and purchasing autism awareness stickers for all the staff from the school. The hospital began a stationary drive earlier in the year and donated the box of stationary to the autistic unit, which composes of about 20 learners, to promote further development of the children. KPH occupational therapist, Sandhia Nair, had an interactive discussion with all the educators who teach autistic learners and discussed the significance of sensory integration for autistic individuals. The discussion stimulated the educators to discuss autism and how they interact with and accommodate autistic learners. KPH Management would like to thank the Stanger Training Centre for allowing us to interact with the educators and meet the learners on this day. “We are very passionate about autism at the Stanger Training Centre and are always keeping abreast of new research and do all that we can to promote awareness. We are very grateful to KPH for their donation towards the autistic unit. We look forward to forging lasting relations with you”, said Stanger Training Centre principal, Mr K.P. Hira.

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