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KwaDukuza Private Hospital (KPH) hosted a Wellness Day at the KwaDukuza Child Welfare Winter Fair on Thursday, 28 June 2018. At the event, KPH offered free eye-screening, blood glucose, pressure testing and health education. The event was planned especially for the senior citizens since they were granted free entry to the fair on the day and services were also rendered to all other members of the public.  “The weather may have been gloomy, but the crowd was cheerful and very excited about getting their blood pressure, blood glucose and eye-screening done for free. We had an influx of senior citizens as soon as the gates opened, and they were very grateful to KPH for offering these services”, said the KPH team. KPH thanked their partners; Spec Savers Stanger, Specialist Opthamologist Dr B. Jugadoe, Lancet Laboratories and Sanofi for joining them on the day.


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